Water Delivery For The BBC Film Set & Subara TV Commercial

Water Delivery For The BBC Film Set & Subara TV Commercial

Scott from SFX emailled us describing how we have helped over the last year:

My job as a Special Effects Supervisor means I spend most of my time making the impossible possible ! During Summer 2009 we were asked to provide rain in several places places for the BBC mini-series ‘Paradox’ – this presented the usual challenge of sourcing water and utilising it in a convenient location for filming. One call to Starkey Tankers solved my problem. Soon 30,000 litres of clean, fresh water were being driven to the set. Within minutes of arriving I had a plentiful supply for my rain rig.

A similar scenario was needed in the middle of Snowdonia for a ‘Subaru’ commercial and I didn’t have much head scratching to do before I picked up the phone and called David – short notice but he provided the usual, hassle free service and the job went smoothly. Round the clock, same day, unusual requests…the Starkey’s have taken it all in their stride and become a valued part of my problem solving resources.


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