Bulk Water Storage Reduces Costs For Cheshire Farmer

Bulk Water Storage Reduces Costs For Cheshire Farmer

With the ever increasing cost of mains water, dairy farmers are looking for alternative ways to use rainwater in an attempt to reduce costs.  A customer has recently purchased two 25,000 litre tankers for the collection of rainwater from building roofs.  These two tanks utilise a simple guttering setup directly off a building filling the tanks in periods of rainfall.  The tanks are then plumbed into the dairy water supply to feed the dairy for washing down the palour and various other jobs.

The need for water cost saving was further brought to light in May 21st edition of the Farmers Guardian where Aberystwyths University IBERS teaching and research institue utilised a similar system and has predicted a £22,000 saving per year compared to drawing water from the mains supply.  This saving will in the first year alone cover the cost of setting up the system.


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